Vivace 2015
International Choir Festival

Date: 03-05. July 2015.
Place: Hungary, Veszprém
Come, and sing about the pleasures of life!
Veszprém city has been hosting international choral events every summer for over twenty years.
Participating in the choir festival will give you the chance to meet people from all over the world, sing together with them,
and explore a beautiful historical place in Hungary, Veszprém, the city of Queens that is more than a thousand years old.
The singing weekend in early July offers a unique opportunity for choirs to celebrate the Joy of Living and Pleasures of Life through singing together.
The participation fee includes accommodation with full board, and festival programs.
The venue, “Hangvilla” that accommodates this wonderful event is a completely new building, beautiful concert hall and multifunctional community place with a cafe and restaurant.
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